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Guardamar del Segura   [Baix Segura]
"Playa del Tusals" (Del Tusals beach) Imagen Mapa
Santa Pola   [Baix Vinalopó]  
"Playa de Tamarit" (Tamarit Beach); signed. Illa (Island) of Tabarca, one of the further bays ("calas") surrounding the main beach.  
"Playa Carabasso" (Carabassó beach), between Urbanova and els Arenals del Sol, in l'Altet.  
Alacant   [Alacantí]    
"Playa del Saladar" (Saladar beach). Cartagena's road. Imagen Mapa
"Playa de L'Albufereta" (L'Albufereta Beach) , "Cap de l'Horta" - Cape Huertas. Imagen Mapa
"Cala de los judíos" (Jews bay), Cape Huertas. Imagen Mapa
"Cala Cantalars" (Cantalars bay), Cape Huertas. Imagen Mapa
la Vila Joiosa   [the middle Marina]  
"Cala Fonda". (Fonda bay)
Imagen Mapa
Montíboli, between the Montíboli Hotel and the Eurotenis Hotel, next to the "FEVE´s" railway station
"Racó de Conill"; located off the highway between Benidorm and Vila Joiosa, and next to Costa Blanca Casino.The only access that you can find is a path.
Imagen Mapa
"Cala del Ti Ximo" (Ti Ximo bay); behind the "Rincón de Loix" (Corner of Loix). Imagen Mapa
l'Alfàs del Pi  
"Cala de la Sima" (Sima bay) or "Santa Lombarda", in "Serra Gelada", in the south of Altea. Imagen Mapa
"La Solsida", "Puerto de Campomanes", "Galleras de las Palmeras"
Imagen Mapa
"Cala de la Barra" (Bar's bay), in "La Punta del Mascarat", Albir-Faro's road, south of Calp's bay; turn left after having travelled along the highway that indicates "Pueblo Mascarat", before the tunnels on the main road between "Altea" and "Calp".
Imagen Mapa
"Cala Cap Blanc" (Cap Blanc bay), between the Port of Moraira and Calp-Calpe. Imagen Mapa
Alcoi  [l'Alcoià]  
  "Racó de la Sal" (Raco of the Salt), the "Font Roja" (Red Font), Mariola's Mountains, and about 200 meters away from Alcoi
El Poblenou de Benitatxell  [Marina Septentrional]  
  "Cala els Tests" (els Tests bay), next to the "Cumbretes del Sol" complex.  
"Cala de l'Embolo" (L'Embolo bay), to the south of "Xàbia", near "Granadella".  
"Playa Torre" (Tower Beach), cape Nau.
"Cala de los Alemanes" (German's bay).  
"Cala de la Barraca" (Barrack bay), in "Portitxol", next to cape of Sant Martí. Imagen Mapa
  "Cala Roca" (Rock bay), in "Les Rotes", to the south of Dénia.  
NOTE: In Spain, nudism is a legal practice at any public place. Hence, this list of places should be understood as those which are mostly frequented by naturists. It does not mean that either you cannot be in the nude anywhere else or that you will find more nudists there.
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