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As from 2011 the beaches on this page have been revised by the partners of the association ANAPA. The beaches that they recommend are marked as being "Recommended by ANAPA". Don't hesitate to contact them, either to request further advice or to find any beaches you have been unable to find.
"Playa de Portiellu" (Portiello beach), in "Andrín".
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"Playa de Castro-Ballota" (Castro-Bellota beach), neatr to "Andrín".  
"Playa de San Martín" (San Martín Beach), near to "Celorio". Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Torimbia" (Torimbia beach) , in "Los Llanos" , near to Niembru. Crowded. Recommended by ANAPA. Imagen Mapa
"Playa de San Antolín" (San Antolín beach or Portaquinos beach), in "Los Llanos", near to "Punta Pestaña".  
"Playa de Golpiyuri" (Golpiyuri beach), near to "Naves" town and to San Antolín beach Recommended by ANAPA. Imagen Mapa
"Playa de l'Arena de Vega" (l'Arena de Vega beach), at"La Vega", next to "Berbes". Camping site in the proximitie. Access: N-632 road, taking a deviation in the town of " Barredo" toward the town of "La Vega". Recommended by ANAPA. Imagen
"Playa de Merón" (Merón beach), in "Argüeru", near to "Careñes".
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"Playa Poniente". Urban beach. Recommended by ANAPA.   
"Playa de Serín" (Serín beach), near "Quintueles", next to "La Corolla", in the east of the cape San Llorienzu. Improved access. Located to the east of Gijón. Access: "La Providencia" road, then, take the unsurfaced road at the sign towards to the hermitage of "La Providencia"." The beach is not signed. Recommended by ANAPA.
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"Playa de Peñarrubia" (Peñarrubia beach), by the "Alto del Infanzón" (Hill of the Infanzón), in the west of the cape San Llorienzu. Improved accesses. It is a very crowded beach. Unfortunately due to the poor water quality swimming is not reccommended. (information by ANAPA) Imagen Mapa
Gozón (luanco)    

"Playa de Aguilera o Aguilar" (Aguilera or Aguilar beach), near to "Granda", in "Podes". Located in "Molín del Puerto" village, on the road from "Avilés" to "Cabo de Peñas" (Cape of Peñas), before arriving at "Verdicio ". Pedestrian access to the beach only. Recommended by ANAPA.

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"Playa de Xagó" (Xagó beach) Nudism is practiced in the central area of the dunes. To reach the beach from the entrance to the town of "Avilés" take the road to "Luanco", keep going until the deviation that indicates "Cabo de Peñas" . Then you will find a sign indicating the route to " Xagó ". Recommended by ANAPA. Imagen Mapa

"Playón de Bayas" (Bayas beach) (east area). The nudist area is very crowded. Take the road that goes to the Asturias Airport, and about two kilometers before arriving in the airport, take the direction to "Santa María del Mar" and before arriving in that town, take the turning signposted to the "Playón de Bayas". There is a parking area near the beach. Recommended by ANAPA.

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"Playa de Requexinos" (Requexinos beach), in "Bayas"; from the "Bayas" village, take the road to the cemetery. Imagen Mapa
"Playón o sablón de Bayas" (Bayas big beach) (its eastern side), near to Requexinos beach. Imagen Mapa
Sotu'l Barcu-Soto del Barco    
"Playa de los Quebrantos" (Quebrantos beach) Imagen Mapa
Muros del Nalón    
"Playa de L'Atalaya (L'Atalaya beach), to the north of "Muros del Nalón" Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Campofrío" (Campofrío beach). Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Oleiru" (Oleiru beach) , near "Llamuñu" and "Soutu Lluiña". The beach is very well signed; from "Salamir " village, take the N632 road; you will see a sign that indicates the way to the beach taking an unsurfaced road but still suitable for vehicles. Recommended by ANAPA.  
Valdés (Luarca)    
"Playa de Barayo o de la Vega" (Barayo/de la Vega beach) (camping site in the close proximity). Take the N 632 road to the north; then, take the turning at the 513 kilometre point. There is a parking area near the beach. From the parking area, you have to walk one kilometer, along the estuary of the river Barayo. Recommended by ANAPA.  
"Playa de Mouru" (Mouru beach), "Peñafurada".
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"Playa de Sabugu" (Sabugu beach).  
"Playa de Barayu" (Barayu beach), on the road from "Lluarca" to "Navia", near "Puerto de Vega".  
Tapia de Casariego    
"Playa Mexota" (Mexota beach). Next to the camping site. Leave the N 634 road when driving toward the village of " Villamil ". You should look for the sign indicating the way to the Camping site of "Serantes". This beach connects with Serantes's beach when tide is low. Recommended by ANAPA. Imagen Mapa
NOTE: In Spain, nudism is a legal practice at any public place. Hence, this list of places should be understood as those which are mostly frequented by naturists. It does not mean that either you cannot be in the nude anywhere else or that you will find more nudists there.
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