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  La selva  
Lloret de mar    
"Cala Boadella and Cala Figuera" (Boadella bay and Figuera bay); Hotel Fenals area, between "Blanes" and "Lloret". Go to Santa Cristina estate complex, and then take a road in Albamar apartments to the north of "Santa Cristina Cala" (Santa Cristina bay), and on the south of "Lloret de Mar".. Imagen Mapa
Tossa de mar  
"Platja d'En Carles" (d'En Carles beach), next to Llorell beach, in "Santa María of Llorell", to the south of "Tossa de Mar". Imagen Mapa
  Baix Empordà  
Santa Cristina d'Aro  
"Cala Vallpresona" (Vallpresona bay) , in "Canyet de Mar", about 2 kms away from "Camping Pola".
Imagen Mapa
"Cala Corrullada" or "Cala del Senyor Ramon" (Corrullada bay-Senyor Ramon bay) , by the km. 35 sign of the main road from "Tossa de Mar" to "Sant Feliu of Guixols", near Rosamar estate complex. Imagen Mapa

"Cala Roca Bona" or "Cala Bona" (Roca Bona bay - Bona bay), to the north of "Cala Estreta", on the Cape of Planes, on the way from the camping site "Benelux" to "Calella de Palafruguell".

Camping Relax Nat: Roque S.A.  
"Playa de l'Illa Roja" (l'Illa Roja beach), to the south of Raco beach, at "Sa Riera". Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Pals" (Pals beach), at "El Daro", in front of the Radio Liberty towers (radio transmitters).  
  Alt Empordà    
Sant Pere Pescador    
"Playa de la Gola" (Gola beach), at the outlet of the river "Fluvià", to the south.
Castelló d'Empúries  
"Playa de Can Comes" (Can Comes beach) in front of "Aiguamolls" and the camping site "La Laguna", between the rivers "Fluvià" and "Muga". Imagen Mapa
"Cala Murtra" (Murtra bay), on the road to "Cala Monjoi".
"Playa de Sa Conca" (Sa Conca Beach), at Cape Creus, in the rocky areas along the beach.  
"Cala s'Alqueria Gran" (s'Alqueria Gran bay), in the rocky areas; to the north of "Portlligat".  
"Cala Jugadora" (Jugadora bay), under the lighthouse of Cape Creus.  
"Cala Fredosa" (Fredosa bay), next to the "Cala Jugadora" (Jugadora bay).  
  "Cala Burró" (Burró bay), on the north side of the Cape Ras, between "Llançà" and "Colera"  
Maçanet de Cabrenys  
Camping site "Mas Pericot", near "Tapis" and "Maçanet de Cabrenys", Mountain farmhouse. Not situated on the coast. Without telephone. INF identification card obligatory. Difficult access for caravans particulary with large outfits. (7kms rough approach road). Do not enter Macanet de Cabrenys. Owner can assist with tractor. Cash required for payment and no nearby bank.  
NOTE: In Spain, nudism is a legal practice at any public place. Hence, this list of places should be understood as those which are mostly frequented by naturists. It does not mean that either you cannot be in the nude anywhere else or that you will find more nudists there.
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  İPictures and maps published with the permission of the Spanish Environment Ministry  
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