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Magnolias Natura

"Playa del Inglés" (El Inglés beach); south of the island.

"Playa de Maspalomas" (Maspalomas beach), in "San Bartolomé de Tirajana". Large sand dune area after parking at the lighthouse. Area extends back into dunes but beach front is quiet small. Many passing textiles.  
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"Playa de la Mujer" (La Mujer beach). Imagen
"Montaña de Arena" (Sand Mountain). Imagen
"Playa de las Meloneras" (Meloneras beach) , in the dunes of "Meloneras" away from the development. Also on the beach down low cliff. Much textile use. Imagen
"Punta del Carpintero" , at "Montaña Blanca".  

"Playa del Lomo Galéon" (Lomo Galeón beach); southwest of the island.

"Playa del Molinero" (Molinero beach). Imagen

"Playa de Amadores" (Amadores beach) , in "Puerto Rico"; southwest of the island.

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"Playa de Tauro" (Tauro beach), in "Puerto Rico". Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Medio Almud" (Medio Almud beach), located in the ravine of the same name, between "Playa del Cura" (del Cura beach) and "Tiritaña". Found just before the tunnels on the road from Puerto Rico to Mogan. You can park on this beach and remain in sight of your vehicle. The whole area is "nudist area" but heavy textile use at weekends. Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Tiritaña" (Tiritaña beach),on the south of "Playa de Mogán" (Mogán beach). Imagen Mapa
"Playa del Diablillo" (Diablillo beach) near "playa de Mogán" (Mogán.beach).  
"Playa de la Punta de la Cruz de Piedra" (Punta de la Cruz de Piedra beach), to the south of "Playa de Mogán" (Mogán beach) Imagen Mapa
"Playa de la Veneguera" (Veneguera beach), on the north of "Punta de la Baja" ; the area is threatened by a real estate project. Imagen Mapa

"Playa de los Secos" (Los Secos beach) ; west of the island.

"Playa del Ambar" (Ambar beach). Imagen
"Playa de las Aneas" (Aneas beach), next to the "Cabezo", "Mogarenes" mountain. Imagen
"Playa de Tasartico" (Tasartico beach), at "Güigüí". Road difficult. Imagen
"Playa del Descojonado" (Descojonado beach), at "Güigüí". Imagen
"Playa de Lioguicha" (Lioguicha beach), at Güigüí. Imagen
"Playa de Güigüí Chico" (Güigüí Chico beach). Two hours by foot from Tasartico (there is not highway). Imagen
"Playa de Güigüí Grande" (Güigüí Grande beach). Imagen

"Playa de Punta Góngora" (Punta Góngora beach) , in the "Andén Verde" (Green Platform),on the road from "San Nicolás de Tolentino" to "Agaete"; northwest of the island.

"Playa de Farenoque" (Farenoque beach). Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Sotavento" (Sotavento beach) , between "La Jala del Risco" and "La Punta de la Palma". Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Guayedra" (Guayedra beach) Imagen Mapa

"Playa del Juncal" (Juncal beach); north of the island

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"Playa de la Punta Gorda" (Punta Gorda beach) Imagen Mapa
"Playa de la Guancha" or "Costa Guanche" (la Guancha beach), in "Sardina", to the west of Gáldar. Imagen Mapa
Santa María de Guía de Gran Canaria  

"Playa del Lagarto" (Lagarto beach); north of the island.

"Playa del Arrastradero" (Arrastradero beach). Imagen
"Playa del Paso del Salgo" (Paso del Salgo beach). Imagen
"Caletón de los Cangrejos" (Cangrejos bay). Imagen

"Playa de la Redonda" (La Redonda beach); north of the island.

"Playa de la Punta del Angosto" (Punta del Angosto beach). Imagen
"Playa de las Salinas" (Salinas beach), at San Andrés. Imagen Mapa
NOTE: In Spain, nudism is a legal practice at any public place. Hence, this list of places should be understood as those which are mostly frequented by naturists. It does not mean that either you cannot be in the nude anywhere else or that you will find more nudists there.
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