Federación Española de Naturismo. Representante en españa de la Federación Internacional de Naturismo FNI-INF
Dedicated to the naturismo and the social nudism

This mail list is a discussion forum in the Spanish language on the naturism known as social nudity. however, the use of this list is for speaking about nudism without deviating from the subject, understanding the manner of practicing naturism.

It is an open list, in which all the articles which are sent to the list are automatically sent to all the undersigned and the only requirement to be able to send articles is to subscribe in advance.

HOW TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST OF MAIL NUDISTS, STEP BY STEP: The administrator of the List cannot do this for you due to the computer program which uses the List. The reason is that you have to return a password which you are sent to your mailbox, one which logically the administrator doesn't have access.

1.- Send a message to majordomo@drac.com with the words: "subscribe nudista" (without quotation marks) in the body of the message, not in the Matter or Subject. Best sent in a text without format (not in enriched format HTML), the server of the List won't allow access if it contains any errors.

2.- you will receive two messages, the one from Majordomo ignor and you can erase it

3.-the other entitled Confirmation for nudist subscribes you must answer with the whole line that contains the word auth. I repeat, you leave the whole line from " auth " until the end and nothing else. For example, auth 01234567 nudist subscribes correo@electronico.es" (also without quotation marks and in text without format).

4.- you will receive two more messages. you can erase the one that Majordomo returns entitled: Re: Confirmation for subscribes nudist"

5 .- the second message has the title Welcome to nudist." Read the part written in Spanish. Don`t worry because it is the welcome message to the list but it contains some things to keep in mind.

Following these five steps will finally subscribe you to the list! Publicise this list, the more we are the better. For any problem with the list such as subscription, contact the administrator in: owner-nudista@soleia.drac.com
Greetings nudists and...now to converse!

To write to the list you will send your message to nudista@llistes.drac.com
Keep in mind that the message is published you will send it from the address in the one that these undersigned.

To remove yourself from the list you must also send a message to majordomo@drac.com with the order unsubscribe nudist in the body of the message, but you will not send this message to the list itself.

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