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  Recommended beaches:  

"La Tejita" (near the southest airport , near to the "red mountain").

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"Las Gaviotas" (to the north of the Teresitas). Imagen Mapa
Santa Cruz de Tenerife  
"Playa de las Gaviotas" (Las Gaviotas beach), "El Roquete", near "Igueste de San Andrés"on the road to Santa Cruz; northeast of the island. Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Benijo" (Benijo beach), at"Benijo", near to "Nuestra Señora de Begoña", near to "el Chinobre"; north of the island. Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Fabián" (Fabian beach) Imagen Mapa
"Playa del Draguillo" (Draguillo beach) Imagen Mapa

"Playa de la Pelada" (Pelada beach); east of the island.

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El Médano    

"Playa del Médano", near "Reina Sofía" airport ; excellent for windsurfing practice; southeast of the island.

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"Playa de la Montaña Roja" (Red Mountain beach), at "La Punta Roja". Imagen Mapa
"Playa de la Mareta" (Mareta beach), near to "La Tejita beach", to the south of "La Punta Roja". Imagen Mapa
Las Galletas  

"Playa de Colmenares" (Colmenares beach) , near real estate complex "Costa del Silencio"; south of the island.

"Playa de la Punta del Callao" (Punta del Callao beach), at "Los Cristianos" near to Guaza mountain, to the west of "Las Galletas" (10 km by car) Imagen Mapa
Las Américas  

"Playa de los Cristianos" (Los Cristianos beach), in "Los Cristianos" , near to "Guaza's" mountain; south of the island.

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"Playa de la Puntilla" (La Puntilla beach).  
"Playa de la Caleta" (La Caleta beach), at "La Caleta" of Fañabé. Imagen Mapa
Guía de Isora (Adeje)  

"La Caleta"

"Playa de los Morteros". 20 minutes walk from "La Caleta de Adeje" ; west of the island. Imagen Mapa
"Playa Blanca" ( Blanca beach) or "Playa de Diego Hernández" (Diego Hernández beach). 30 minutes walk from "La Caleta de Adeje", towards the northwest Imagen Mapa
Puerto de la Cruz (La Orotava)  
Parque Vacacional Eden Only swimming-pool and terrace for nudists

"Playa de los Patos" (Los Patos beach). 25 minutes walk from Puerto de la Cruz. Difficult access. Recommended.

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"Playa del Ancón" (El Ancón beach), near to "Los Patos beach". Imagen Mapa
"Playa de Garañona" (Garañona beach) , at "Tacoronte". Very nice beach but very dangerus too. Imagen Mapa
"Playa del Camello" (El Camello beach). Imagen Mapa
NOTE: In Spain, nudism is a legal practice at any public place. Hence, this list of places should be understood as those which are mostly frequented by naturists. It does not mean that either you cannot be in the nude anywhere else or that you will find more nudists there.
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