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Gran Bretaña







I N F 29th.    W O R L D     C O N G R E S S
Valalta (Hrvatska Republika / Kroatien / Croatia / Croatie)
"Back to the Roots: The Future of Organised Naturism"

CROACIA, the hosts (right) and the Spanish delegation, taking over for 2006

    The Spanish federation for Naturism aims to spread Organised Naturism worldwide, (approximately 350,000 FNI/INF members). This report is an example.
      For the first time we show faces and contributions of the representatives as we are not, in the words of Eirik Isene, the Swedish representative, a Masonic group. Far from secrecy we are interested in reaching out to everyone in society.
      This Congress focused on passing the new statutes, and moving the INF to the new site in Germany. You can download the original reports in English by clicking here , (PDF format. The browser can also be downloaded here for free).
We also provide a translation into Spanish , which has not yet been authenticated. This translation has been provided to us by Florencia from Argentina.
       Download the conference: "Back to the Roots: The Future of Organised Naturism" by Charles Obergfell, INF Vice-president of the INF here in PDF.

REPORTS by the different representatives at the INF Central Committee


Re-elected for another four year term

He starts by thanking everybody and by remembering those who have passed away.
He makes a reference to the crisis within the French Federation which is still undergoing.
He goes on to explain the need to move the INF to another country, (Belgium or Germany). The decision has to be taken at the present assembly.
A reduction in costs is now possible, as under the new treasurer finances have been reined in.
Internet should be more widely used. In addition, it also cuts back on expenses.
Federations should pay closer attention and dedication to the World Guide.
The publication needs contributions.
The library has been computerised.
A strong INF can provide sponsorship to sport, environmental, recreation, health, leisure and tourist activities.

He was elected at the previous Congress in 2002, as French naturism was undergoing difficult times.
A year later, France has new statutes, based on the experience gathered in other countries. The situation in France has been a source of concern not only for the INF but also for French Naturism and particularly for the tourist who visit France and now they find they do not need the INF membership card.
He has learned a lot in these last two years. He has attended 20 meetings of the Executive Committee, together with very capable Public Relations personnel and members of the legal committee, at the Interfederal meetings at El Templo del Sol and at Flevo Natur as well as at the Adriatic Alps meeting.
He wishes to thank the support and understands the protests raised by the suspension of all activities planned to celebrate the INF 50th anniversary .

Advisor for the INF Youth Division
There are 10 federations made up of 160 members who came to the 2003 Spring meeting in Holland.
Two new groups have signed up.
The English group shows a remarkable growth in membership.
The 2003 Youth Camp in Evionat brought together 32 youths from six federations.
The 2004 Spring Meeting at Betulle (Italy) and the 2004 Youth Camp at El Portús, Spain, promises to be the beginning of a new strong group.
ROGER VIOLA INF Advisor for Sports
The 2002 Petanque Tournament took place in Brielle, Holland, and the Swimming Gala in Crawley, Great Britain.
The 2003 Petanque Tournament in Sarrebruck and the Swimming Gala were cancelled
The 2004 Petanque Tournament took place in Britain and the Swimminmg Gala in Italy.
Usually 300 participants attend, together with friends, relatives and local people.
We must bear in mind the INF sport regulations, (they will be sent out soon) and the local legal norms so as to avoid potential trouble. The expenses to attend easily run to 200 € which is too much for some federations to afford.
MICK AYERS Public Relations and INF Ambassador for Europe
Among the federations which are growing, the Spanish federation stands out.
He has visited the Tourism Fair, FITUR, for four years in a row. The promotion of naturist tourism fostered by the FEN is remarkable and he sees himself as an advisor rather than an Ambassador.
He adds that sponsors must be sought for locally.

GEORGE VOLAK Public Relations and INF overseas Ambassador

He was re-elected for another four years term

The struggle to both preserve and spread our lifestyle always finds the traditional fiends against which we have to fight: repressive regimes and hardboiled conservatives.
He congratulates those who make it possible to push forward agains adversity.
His mission is bound by financial limitations, which on occasions, have led him to provide money out of his own pocket.
He also thanks Mieke for providing him with numerous contacts and Pat Brown, the AANR president, for the work they often do together.
RENÉ NIJHOF President of the INF Legal Commission
The work undertaken to produce the new statutes has gone very well.
The most urgent item in the agenda was to move the INF out of Switzerland.
The situation was unsustainable as the Swiss Law lays all the responsibility on the members of the executive board.
Belgium and Germany were considered as alternatives.
Additional difficulties with bank transfers, in particular, made the choice of Belgium unadvisable.
Other items dealt with have been: sport regulations and to take on a new editor for the INF magazine.



Union FQN-FCN Union


·The INF must not contact directly centres, associations, organisations or deal with commercial initiatives except in countries without federations or with the OK of the national federations. (M11)
·The INF must find ways to help Federations (M12), by send pictures or articles (13) by working out yearly statistics (14) or by sending out internal memos.



Union Naturiste Suisse/Schweizer Naturistenunion/ Unione Naturiste Svizzera

Heinz MENZ

·Once and for all decide which INF logo is to be used in the future. (M16)



Deutscher Verband für Freikörperkultur


·Change the name of the World Guide to Naturist Travel Guide International (M5)
·To move the site of the INF (M6 and 7). In fact this move means only a change in the wording in the statutes.
·KF tells us about the lack of financial support in Germany and how good the integration in sport clubs is.



Dansk Naturist Union


There are 1040 members in Denmark grouped in nine associations, seven of which have their own places.
There is hardly any problem for naturist recreation anywhere in the country.
The Nordjylland Club is very active in winter at the Aalborg swimming pool.
The Scandinavian federations have an excellent relationship with one another.
Erik Holm, president since 1956, died last winter .



Federación Española de Naturismo


·Request to organise all events for 2006 in Spain to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its foundation (M8)
·A new concept of Naturist Olympic Games will take place in Spain in 2006.
·To commission Carlos Gil to help organise Naturism in South-America, at very low cost, (as he can obtain large reductions because of his profession)



Fédération Française de Naturisme


A new team has been set up since 2003 in order to solve the problems and pay back debts as a result of the refusal of some centres to recognise the INF membership card.
Those centres are not members any longer but collaborating centres.
A new organisation, ONE, is trying to replace the FFN.
The relationship between the old editor of the magazine and the FFN has been broken up.
The bad relationship between the Montalivé centre and the FNN made the celebration of the INF’s 50th anniversary impossible.
The FNN wishes to thank the INF for its support .



Drusto Naturista Hrvatske


·The relationship between the naturist centres, the national federations and the INF should be defined very clearly.
Only the national federations should have the power to take decisions.
They must also be allowed to use the INF logo.
If the national federations are accepted as members, then the financial contribution must be half for the federation and half for the INF. (M17) .



New Zealand Nudist Federation Inc.


The New Zealand Federation is made up of 23 organisations of different kinds, with a membership of 1,500.
www.gonatural.co.nz is their main means of letting people know about themselves. They are thinking of designing a new marketing strategy and a magazine.
The founder, Doug Cousins, died in December 2003.



Federaçao Portuguesa de Naturismo

Laurindo CORREIA

He leads the Foundation for Development. Elected for a two year term

The presidency has changed, as well as the look and its motto: “25 years dignifying nudity”. They publish a Mini-Guide. They participated in the Tourism Fair held in Lisbon, (INF & CCBN contributions and the attendance of the Mr and Mrs Ayers & the AND/FEN board).
Another beach has been declared legal. Refurbishing of a public swimming pool.
They were invited by the AND to the FITUR, tourism fair, in Madrid.
A number of reports have been turning up in the Mass Media.
The number of members has grown threefold.
The discounts given to the largest federations seem to be unfair.



Sveriges Naturist Förbund


·Motion to allow for the delegation of votes among federations (M2 and 3)
·The statutes should be published on the Web.(M4)
There are 20 clubs and 3,119 members. Tillsammans, their magazine, is published four times a year.
Nudity is not a problem in Sweden, even on TV. As a mater of fact, a president of a club frequently appears naked in a TV programme.
In spite of that, it is hard to make people understand the social benefits of nudism.
10 camping sites: 1 public, 2 private and 7 linked to clubs. Public Relations are centralised in a single Scandinavian Web page: www.naturist.net.org. 226 press articles have been published in 2003.
The cooperation with the INF has some drawbacks. The INF has been requesting year after year data which can be downloaded from the Web, whose page is updated very often. The INF does not allow a single organisation for the three countries, (Norway, Sweden and Denmark)which would be much cheaper.
The INF Webpage is not sufficiently good and does not provide any information.



American Association for Nude Recreation


He asked all the representatives to sign a petition to the State of Virginia to alter Law 158. This law forbids minors to attend youth camps by themselves. All members signed the petition.
Countries which did not put forward any motions, (or we have not had access to them)

Österreichischer Naturistenverband (7)


AU -- ANF Australian Nudist Federation (7)

Werner JACOB

BE -- FBN Fédération Belge de Naturisme/ Federatie van Belgische Naturisten


BR -- FBdN Federaçao Brasiliera de Naturismo (1)

Castresano VANDERLEI
Auditor substitute,
(elected for two years)

CZ -- UNA Unie Naturistu Cech a Moravy (3)
Frantisek HAJEK

GB -- CCBN Central Council for British Naturism (19)

HU -- NC Napora Club (2)


IT -- FENAIT Federazione Naturista Italiana (10)

Gianfranco RIBOLZI

NO -- NNF Norsk Naturist Forbund (7)

NL -- NFN Nederlandse Federatie van Naturistenverenigingen


SI -- ZDNS Zveza Drustev Naturistov Slovenije (3)
Joze PUC


Countries which did not attend


Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Naturisme
Armand Céolin reports about an increase of 17,5% in the last two years, (470 members)
He mentions financial difficulties as the reason for not being able to attend the INF events.


Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists

Luonnonmukaiset r.y./Suomi
Irish Naturist Association
The Israel Naturist Society
National Federation for Naturism
Union of Naturists of Slovakia
South African Naturist Federation

Christiane Lecocq,
The guest star.
Founder of the INF

Sailing along the shore for companions
Javier Sedano with Mieke Choin, the INF Secretary Tomás and Mina (Vera Natura) in the background
and José Manuel (FEN Vice-President) and Chris in the foreground

Carlos Gil, (FEN Secretary) with his friends from the US

Ismael, (FEN president), Mieke, (INF Secretary) and Sieglinde, (Advisor for Youth)

The Spanish group +3, From left to right:
José Pablo (Gheisa); Javier (Sports); Mieke (INF Secretary); Ismael (FEN President); Secretary for the Croatian Federation; Christi; Mirko (Croacia);
Carlos Gil (FEN Secretary) and José Manuel (FEN Vice-president).
Missing in the picture: Alberto (Translator), Suka (International relations),  Manuel Tomás and Mina (Vera Natura).

Pictures by Carlos Gil (FEN) & Steve Thompson (BN)
Translated by Alberto González Iglesias (FEN)
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