El Templo del Sol, Torn naturist beach, L'Hospitalet de l’Infant, Tarragona, Catalonia, España (Spain)




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  • Wolfgang Weinreich, Vicepresident
  • Susanna March
  • Charles Obergfell, Vicepresident
  • Marlène Obergfell
  • Laurindo Correia, President
  • Mª José Correia
  • Arlette Debbaut, President
  • Mieke Choin
  • Jan Meere, Chairman
  • Cor Van Herp
  • Jimmy Geissler, President & webmaster
  • Myriam Geissler
  • Juan Pozuelo, President
  • Joan Porta, Vicepresident
  • Carlos Gil, Secretary
  • Manel Mondéjar, Board member
  • Ismael Rodrigo, Board member & webmaster
  • Suka, International Relationship
  • Mick Ayers, Chairman
  • Roz Ayers
  • Paul Kirby, International Officer
  • Judith Kirby
  • Gianfranco Ribolzi, President
  • Luisa Ribolzi
  • Andrea Contini
  • Paola Contini
  • María Adelaide Fornaca
INF CENTRAL COMMITTEE: President, Vicepresident, Treasurer & Secretary
  • President: Wolfgang Weinreich
  • Secretary: Mieke Choin
  • Vicepresident: Charles Obergfell
  • Treasurer: Cor Van Herp
  • Representative Delegate of Spain: Mick Ayers
  • EL TEMPLO DEL SOL: Georges Pause, the owner (act of opening and closure)
  • EL PORTUS: Aurelio Vaquero
  • Translators: Petra Desirèe Gerritsen, Rubén Ramírez, Robert Mattheussen
  • Manager of the Templo del Sol: Manel Vilajosana
  • Tourist Officer of L'Hospitalet de l'Infant: Fran Bueno

The team of the FEN went several times to the Prat airport in the rented van together with three cars (those of Juan, Joan and Manel) to pick up the majority of the participants all of whom arrived on time to enjoy the first supper in the restaurant at the resort.

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Official opening of the INF Interfederal meeting.
This event included five persons: the President of the INF, the President of FEN, the owner of the camp site whose speech had been distributed in writing in the various languages, the concejala of tourism and the President of the Association of El Torn, Manel Mondéjar, who was to undertake the role of moderator during the event on behalf of the host federation FEN.
11:30 Break and aperitif. The meetings, as well as the aperitifs, always took place in the covered area next to the cascade swimming pool and the bar.  
12:00 First Session of the Meeting:
In this first session the FEN was congratulated on the professional style of simultaneous translation, which was not normal in this type of meeting and the participants were requested to speak more slowly to facilitate the work of the translators. It was a cause of concern to note the absence of Luxembourg and Ireland owning to their lack of capacity to cover the expenses. Solutions to overcome these problems should be found by the INF.
We then began to discuss the problematic points about nudist resorts and the problems that France has at this time. The new concept of work that was proposed throughout the meetings was inclined towards the concept of quality. The centers could have a plaque of membership of the INF and of their Federation and they could offer discounts to INF members. The traditional commercial line should however not be put aside and in particular Holland confirmed this point.

All the Federations were particularly interested in the first steps taken by FEN in its relations with the centers and in the model proposed in Spain. It was emphasized that the older federations in Europe and the INF place hope in the younger and newer federations for new ideas and developments.

13:30 Lunch

15:30 Meeting: After the break the suggestions of the British Federation were discussed. The next sports events and the work of the younger sections of the federations. The idea considered to create mixed groups between countries caused concern. The British asked for the final price of participation in the 50th anniversary of the INF in Euronat/ Montalivet to be fixed and known as soon as possible.

16:45 Break and Aperitif

17:30 Trip to the Natural Reserve of the River Ebro Delta:
We travelled through the rice fields and a boat was hired to take us to the estuary of the River Ebro. A tourist guide travelled with us explaining, in each language, the characteristics of the unique natural area. The excursion concluded with a typical supper in a restaurant of the Delta at which we tasted all the varieties of the region served on endless small dishes. The satisfaction and the camaraderie which this trip and this supper generated made us all true colleagues.
On the ship. From right to left: Wolfgang, Susanna, Mieke    
Cor Van H., the treasurer, on the watch tower stairs   Supper on route
Mieke & Aurelio   María (treasurer of Italy) & Wolfgang

09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Meeting:
Diverse ideas of services which could be offered to naturists were mentioned such as Visa cards, accident insurance, etc. with the idea that the value of the stamps should be increased to assist the enlargement and improvement of services (Spain).

It is proposed to work with professional publicists to achieve a greater recognition and acceptance of nudity (Great Britain).

After the food the first concrete proposal from Spain:

Web exposition
We propose a radical change in the present Web site of the INF. During this session Ismael, making use of a notebook and projector, explained his vision of how a web should be by showing the present Web of the FEN and as an example of magazines that of the ADN. We understand that one of the reasons which caused the magazine of the INF to fail and is likely to cause it to fail again is its limited distribution and its high price. Do we want to be open? Do we want to inform everybody who wishes to know about us? Let's give them free through the Internet a magazine to show that we have nothing to hide.
This project can be part of the solution to many of the problems spoken about in this Interfederal meeting: Are we a smaller group each time? The web will bring us more people and above all the youth. Do we need distribution and cheap marketing? The magazine of the INF on the Internet. Do we need finances? A truly professional web will generate many additional members and will be so attractive that the resorts will use it to advertise to the entire world.
Jimmy Geissler, Chairman of the Swiss Federation and webmaster of its web site supported determined action on this proposal and commented on the advantages and the problems of the Internet, offering congratulations upon the work carried out in Spain.
Jimmy & Myriam    


The meeting is finished with the listing of the concrete proposals of each of the Federations:
  • INF is the only organization that sells official documents to expand itself to the world.
  • To provide to improve the east European countries
  • Quality and Merchandising
  • Interfederal Communication through the Internet
  • Professional web + Magazine on the Internet
  • Next International Youth Encounter in Spain (Costa Natura offers.)
  • International day of the Naturism for the 4th October, festivity of Francisco of Asis (note: this proposal was made later, during the supper, because of the limited time, in an informal way, but it had a great acceptance from W.W., Italians and others. W.W. told the history of Francisco of Asis on the similar side of the FEN, indicating his naked walks through the city of Asis against his father, the bishop and his integration in the nature.)
  • Necessary change
  • Solution to the problem of Cap d’Agde
  • The problems of France must be put in acquaintances.
  • To publicize an international magazine of friendship with publicity
- U. K.
  • The committee should seek new and more commercial ideas
  • Realistic proposals for the federations
  • To renew and to act professionally
  • To look at today and not behind
  • INF as a working system that unites the confederacies
  • International policy: world guide to discuss
  • Simple rules for the associations and for the centers
  • Increased price for the stamps
  • Sure quality
  • Equalitarian price (INF allows a 10% discount on the seals to the countries with many associates.)

17:30 Excursion by bus (cultural guided visit to the Roman city of Tarragona)

20:30 Typical supper on route

Last Supper Dance Party

June 1st SUNDAY

09:00 Breakfast:    
At the breakfast we interchanged the gifts as usual. We drank a toast again to Mieke's health for her past birthday and celebrated together Luisa's birthday and Obergfells' anniversary. Short speeches of gratitude were made and the exceptional organization of the encounter was commented.
Wolfgang & Juan Jan Meere & Manel Paul Kirby & Manel
Charles O. & Manel Jimmy & Juan Arlette
Laurindo & Carlos Mieke Wolfgang & Ismael
10:00 Tourist Walk through l'Hospitalet of l’Infant. We approached to the town by the tourist train of the Temple of the Sun. Once in the street market we made groups of 5 persons for the trip by yacht in front of the beach of the Torn and of the cave of the pirate, where the most darings enjoyed a bath diving from the embarkation and swimming to the interior of the cave.
The cave: Italians and Spaniards   Laurindo & María

13:30 Lunch enlivened by a Mexican singer in the restaurant of the resort

15:30 Closure and farewell of participants


Pictures from AAPNT (Joan Porta)
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