The FEN, Spanish Naturist Federation, requested that Carlos Gil, the FEN Secretary, were commissioned to visit several Latin-American countries. This request was placed at the INF/FNI XXlX World Congress in Croatia.
   Carlos Gil had already established contact with several promoters and other people of naturist ideas in the region. That and the fact that he could fly cheaply due to his working for Iberia airlines, made him an ideal candidate. At the end of the World Congress the Central Committee met with the FEN representatives and the proposal was examined together in greater detail.
   As neither the commission or the commissioner were given a name, I give it one now, along the lines of the European Union terminology, now in fashion, the INF-FNI ‘High Commissioner’ for the Development of Naturism in Latin-America.
   The outcome of this first tour was a great success well above our expectations. You will further see in the report which follows down below the evolution of naturism in these three countries after the visit of the High Commissioner. This report will keep expanding as we receive further data.

Congratulations for a job well done, Carlos.

Congratulations for a job well done, Carlos.
Ismael Rodrigo, presidente de la FEN
January 2005



CHILE, René Rojas

November 30th
I arrive on the 30th at 9:30. René Rojas was there waiting for mi as he had told me. His friend and club member, Iván, was also there with him.
After a 12 hour flight, and an 80 minute nap, I was taken to PLAYA LUNA, the naturist main venue. The place is beautiful, (it reminded me of Templo del Sol, in Tarragona, Spain). René and Iván informed me about their expectations, its history and its potential as a naturist place.
An hour later, the journalists from “Últimas Noticias”. (click), arrived. At three o’clock we went to have something to eat to a rural area by the road.

There I showed them all the material I had with me and I took some time to explain what the INF is all about. In the afternoon we met the mayor of the municipality, Agustín Valencia. The beach, PUCHUNCAVÍ, is within the boundaries of that municipality. He confessed himself a naturist as he is a nudist for recreation but he would never confess it in public. He was enthusiastic about declaring the beach as part of an ecologically protected area to protect the seagull nests and the local beaver.
I spent the night at my relatives’.

December 1st
I have an appointment at ‘El Mercurio’, the newspaper, at ten.
For over two hours I am interviewed for the Sunday edition of that newspaper which is sold all over the country. Later, picture taking in the garden of the newspaper building.
After lunch, I take the bus and head for Valparaíso, a city with many administration services. I visit the house of the poet Pablo Neruda, and stroll round the city which has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
I have dinner with Cristobal Fernández, Director of the Department for Industry at the Federico Santamaría University for Technology, and with Carlos Ramírez,

Director of International Relations and Cooperation of the University of Valparaíso. We talk about the above mentioned project for Playa Luna. I again spend the night at my r elatives’.
December 2nd
I leave Valparaíso at 7:50 and board the coach to Santiago.
At 10:00 I meet the Director of the National Tourist Service, (SERNATUR, S.) Santalices, who holds the same rank as a Minister, and his closest assistants. Rojas is also present.
The outcome is very positive. These are some of the agreements: 1. to set up an integral plan for the area, 2. To promote social awareness through the media, 3. The Playa-Luna Group is given the management of the beach, 4. The establishment of an environmental action plan together with the municipality and Playa Luna in order to protect the local beaver, in danger of extinction, and the seagull nests, and finally, 5.

Santalices, René & Carlos
in Sernatur

To set up, in a short period of time, three naturist developments in three abandoned mining towns in the North of Chile. Blue flags will be raised in high environmental quality beaches, naturist beaches included. To discuss the particulars of these projects there will be three party meetings: SERNATUR, the mayor of Puchuncaví and the Playa Luna management.

During the International Fair for Tourism, (FITUR), January/February 2005, in Madrid, there will be working sessions in order to outline the future of tourism for naturists in Chile.
We hold a press conference at the end of our meeting. See: La Tercera; Las Últimas Noticias;Another fromLa Tercera; La Nación (recomended)
In the afternoon I visited the public exhibition, ‘Painted Bodies’, in La Moneda Square.
Later, working session in the home of René Rojas.
My relatives put me up for the night.
Can't imagine Pinochet walking into the Casa de la Moneda: a carabineer, the Chilean flag...and naked bodies!
More press about the results of the visit :
- Las Últimas Noticias: "Autoridades del Sernatur viajan a evaluar la zona"
- Terra Chile: Playa Luna. Así es el nuevo proyecto eco-turístico de los nudistas chilenos
- Terra Chile: Continuación del anterior
- Las Últimas Noticias: "Director de Sernatur: Playa Luna es un aporte al desarrollo turístico"
- El Mercurio: "Festín desnudo" (9/I/2005): Entrevista Carlos Gil (recomended)
Picture from La Nación, 6-XII-2004
December 3RD
At 7:30 I leave for the airport of Santiago, bound for Córdoba, Argentina, on a LAN Chile flight. I arrive in Córdoba and I have to wait for over an hour to go through customs. Miguel Suárez, the promoter of Yatan Rumi.
, is waiting for me.
We stop in Córdoba to work on the Internet and to have a photo session.
Yatan Rumi is a 1,200 Hectares property, a granite quarry, which is crossed by several rivers and with and exceptional flora of bushes and trees. There are cows, fowls, foxes and insects which shared the place with us. The condors and the eagles flew very close to our shelter.
It may very well be the widest and most ecological naturist place in the world. Presently it was taken care of by Pablo Urso, the painter.
The Yatan Rumi people are friendly and cordial. They treat visitors as if they were members of their family. We spent the night in a hut under the stars.

December 4th
The birds chirping wake us up. After breakfast all the lodgers at the cabin go for a walk.
We saw remains of old stone houses, cows and their calves. We swam in a river and then we returned for lunch under the powerful sun of the southern tip.
Foxes keep us company, (we were twelve in all), and take away whatever remains of our meal.
We go out for another stroll in the country. On our return we talk about organized naturism. After supper we have a rest after the four hours of talks. It was two in the morning.

December 5th
In the morning, Pablo Urso, Florencia Brenner, secretary for the APANNA, and I had breakfast while we continued with the talks of the night before.
Among other items in the agenda, we prepared the meeting with the Argentine Secretary of State.

Three journalists from the first paper in the country, Clarín, turn up at lunch time:
- Crece la movida naturista, ¿se viene una Argentina al desnudo? (14-I-2005)
- Los nudistas nos miramos siempre a los ojos (17-I-2005)
- Infobae: Buenos Aires al natural (18 Enero 2005)
We are interviewed and taken some pictures in the country. The German photographer is a regular naturist. The weather gets worse and ends up raining.
Florence takes the bus, I head for the airport: our destination, Buenos Aires.
At 23:30 I go to spend the night at APREA, ‘bed and breakfast’ in the very centre of the federal capital.
"El Tobagán" of Yatam Rumi
December 6th
I have breakfast with one of the owners, Sergio Aprea (see website). See video-reportaje from Canal 9 (wmv, 1,3MB). At 10:00 a.m. I have and interview with the most important radio personality in Argentina, Rolando Hangling. Somebody that was listening, gives me a call and wants to know more about naturism. She is a partner in a small chain of hotels. We agree to meet later in the afternoon.
At 4:00, L. shows up and tells me of her interest in setting up a naturist hotel in Iguazú. That is a tourist area not far from the Falls. I think she is enthusiastic about the development of naturist tourism and its potential.
She said she would put forward the proposal at the next Executive Board meeting.
After that, the Aprea club members and I meet again in order to decide whether they want to run a naturist hotel, as an alternative to their present status.
They put me up for the night at Aprea.
December 7th
I spend the morning in the centre of the capital city getting Iberia flight tickets, bus tickets to go to Rosario, photocopying pictures and working on the Internet.
In the afternoon I meet some journalists and we agree to take on the commitment to spread the notion of naturism even further, in the near future.
At 20:30, the founding members of APANNA hold a welcoming reception for me at Florencia Brenner’s , the Secretary.
At the ensuing meeting we deal with topics such as information, organization and naturist proper.
We also talk about INF, FEN, the history of naturism and others. In order to provide a service to the community, they conclude, they must start looking for a place for naturist recreation.
The meeting ends at 1:30 and I head for Aprea.

December 8th
José Blanco and another member of EDEN, come to pick me up at 10:30. Then, they take me to their property in the Department of Moreno, an administrative area, an hour away from Buenos Aires.
EDEN is a property of about 12,500 square metres, which has a house, small pool, garden and a restaurant and sports area.
There were about 20 people at the presentations and talk. We also had lunch, after which the leading commission and I meet to discuss all about the INF membership as they could not see the difference there was between being a club or an association. What part they could play within the INF was item under discussion.

Governing Board

They define themselves as a welcoming club of nudists in this rented property. A group of eight persons manage the place.
At 18:30 they drop me at Aprea.
I take the bus towards Rosario at 19:45 and I arrive there at 23:55.
I spend the night in the house of some relatives of mine.

December 9th
At 11:30 I give a short talk at the Faculty for Civil Engineering and at 12:30 I am interviewed for Channel 3 TV.
Anecdotes: outside people were waiting for me to ask me all kinds of questions on how and where to be anaturist in Rosario. I am stopped in the street, several times, to congratulate me on my work and give me their support for the movement. One of them was the head of the anti-drug police department.

I have lunch with a professor at the Faculty for Civil Engineering.
I meet Claudio Márquez, the driving force behind the naturist movement in Rosario. He is trying to found a naturist association.
I have supper with my relatives and leave for Buenos Aires by bus at 2:05. I sleep on board.

December 10th
I arrive at Retiro, Buenos Aires bus station, at 6:00. I take a taxi cab to APREA. I take a short rest there after breakfast.
Jorge, the APANNA president, comes round to pick me up to go by taxi cab to a meeting with Carlos Meyer, the Secretary of State for Tourism in Argentina directly under the President of the Nation. We start at 13:00 and we soon find we understand each other well. He is highly knowledgable and open minded. , Alejandro García, Director for International Relations to the Secretary was also present. The Mayor of Buenos Aires and the head of the province could not be located, (as they were actually travelling), in spite of Mr Meyer’s efforts to bring them to the meeting.
We agreed to meet during FITUR, the Tourism International Fair, in Madrid.

Carlos with the Licenciado Alejandro García, the Director of the International Relations Office for Tourism& Jorge Virinni, APANNA president

Press: "Ya hay 7 lugares donde se puede hacer nudismo en la Argentina" (Corrientes Noticias, 20-I-2005)
Similar news in Clarín (17-I-05)

I come back to Aprea, to retrieve my personal belongings and say good bye.
I board a Pluna airline company plane at Aeroparque bound for Punta del Este, Uruguay.
At my arrival, Marcela and her children were waiting for me to take me to El Refugio, the place which her husband, Ricardo Rodal, runs facing the naturist beach of Chihuahua, at 12 Km from Punta del Este.
I have supper and try to fall asleep.

Flor- Ricardo-Carlos Mª Lucas-Laventure-Carlos "Liga de Fomento de Punta del Este"

December 11th 11
I wake up in Chihuahua. What a beautiful feeling: the sun, the birds and the sea, (who cares whether it is a river or a sea: the mouth is 50 Km wide); all join in.
We have a relaxing breakfast and then a stroll on the sand.
As the new Government will take over in February, 2005, we decided to visit the tourist authorities of those regions most frequented, Punta del Este and Rocha.
This morning we meet Martín Laventure, Director of the Office for Tourism in the administrative region of Maldonado, Punta del Este. The meeting was a success, which is becoming the norm with the politicians, committing his office to an assortment of decisions concerning the local naturist movement.
The president of the Uruguayan Naturist Association, AUDEN, Ricardo, owner of El Refugio, and Florencia from the APANNA, Mr Laventure and I had a press conference, in the presence of photographers and TV cameras. As a follow up, we were invited to a radio station and a TV channel to express our opinions.
We also met Néstor González , a local representative for the enterprising world. I had the opportunity of explaining the development of that commercial sector in Spain. They agreed to support our movement and they in turn requested our collaboration in order to find all kinds of support from European institutions.
Later, we went to Channel 7 TV, where we were interviewed. We invited the people who interviewed us to come and join us at the beach the next day, as they showed such an interest. (see El País, pdf document)
We had supper and spent the night at El Refugio.

December 12th
I went out to take some pictures as it was a sunny day, and then I had breakfast.
In the middle of the morning a reporter and a Channel 7 cameraman, (Maldonado) and Channel 10, (Montevideo), arrived. We were interviewed in a very correct manner and they asked the permission of those naturists at the beach before shooting. Most of them agreed as they are eager to spread the philosophy in Uruguay.
At 16:30 an official car comes by El Refugio hotel to drive us to Rocha.
Rocha is an administrative province in the north of the country which holds areas of natural beauty. Many of these areas have been declared ‘Reverve of the Biosphere’
by the UNESCO.
Jorge Simeone was there waiting for us. He is a Director for Tourism in Rocha.

Interview: Ricardo and his family
There were also those people who had demanded the official recognition of Aguas Dulces, a 2 Km long and 400 m wide area of dunes, as a naturist place. Some handcrafted placards with the name of Playa la Sirena welcome the local and national press which is present there that day. Cacho Cola, its promoter, showed us what from now on is going to be naturist diggings, whose owner is Mr Cola himself. I show him the material I have which shows what is being done round the world. The area is immediately declared a nudist area.
We meet Mr Simeone for an hour. He assures us that this is the first step to declare all the Rocha shore a naturist recreation area and the official acceptance of nudism all over the province.
A reporter from El País, the Spanish newspaper, interviews us, Carlos Lucas and me, back again in Punta del Este.
We arrive at El Refugio at 23:50. Exhausted, I fall asleep.
Aspen: Carlos Gil radio Interview. (mp3, 1,30MB, 5 min)
More Uruguay press:
· Quiere Gil más playas nudistas (Terra, 18-I-2005)
· Impulsan atracción de Playas Nudistas (Ansa Latina, 15-XII-04)
· Playa Naturista Inaugurada (III-05)
·  Video YouTube: Carlos Gil in Chihuahua beach

See you soon Chihuahua
December 13th
We had breakfast at 8:00. Ricardo gives me a lift to the airport at 10:00. The Pluna flight is bound for Aeroparque, Buenos Aires airport. I take a cab for Ezeiza, in order to board the Iberia flight to Madrid at 14:30.

December 14th
I arrived in Madrid, Barajas, at 6:00. I head for home straight away to leave the luggage, have a shower, and then I take off for the urban spa AQUAESTÉTICA (first Naturist Spa in Madrid), where Ismael Rodrigo, the FEN president, is going to meet me and the member of the committee, Manel, to get together with some managers of Spanish naturist enterprises. This is a meeting to prepare the agenda for our first historical meeting with the governmental highest authority for tourism in Spain, which is expected to be held a few hours later.
At 13:00, the Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism, Raimón Martínez Fraile, vonverses with us for an hour and a half. He is also the Director of TURESPAÑA.
The FEN president’s main proposal and the group of businessmen who are with us is to request state support for the naturist tourism. For example, to include information on Spanish Naturist Tourism, a similar initiative to the one undertaken by the governments of France or Croatia.
We were greatly satisfied with the outcome. This historical meeting will be the topic of a future article, though.
I return home at 21:00 and have a rest.

For finish the day, Ismael and me spend one hour in the national Spain Borathcastin Radio 1, form 24:00 to 01:00. A very goog program ("El ombligo de la luna").

Those were two weeks with a full agenda.


CARLOS GIL , December 2004.-

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