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1. Editorial




        We started the year with FITUR 2003. We have been present at this international tourism fair for the third consecutive year. Those foreign representatives who were present at the fair could see our pool, as the mass media recorded the event.
The first meeting of the ADN Youth took place in March. That same month ended with the first ADN party held by our youth.
      On the 26th of April we had two meetings: one to adapt our statutes to the new Spanish association law and the regular ADN meeting. At the moment we are in the process of sending you the record of the proceedings which may give a good account of what happened.
      The next day, we went on a trip to San Juan , the reservoir.
We have both a new treasurer and a new committee member for the youth group: welcome, Raquel and Juanma.

      As usual, we spent the first four days in May at El Portús, taking advantage of the long weekend we had in the Madrid (Community) area. It has certainly been the best meeting so far, thanks to the good work of the ADN Youth group (ADNJ). We had talks, bowling (‘petanca’), a free dance workshop, volleyball, a chiro-massage workshop, a barbecue, drank our chocolate and had a super Hawaiian party at the beach bar. More than a hundred people joined having, all of us, the best time ever. Inside you will find a full report, (you’ll never know what you missed! And at a ridiculous price, at that!.
      The Day of Saint Isidro was amazing! Not only because of the fabulous trip to the Dam of La Parra, led by José Luis, but also because of the new Web site of the youth, launched from This is a Web site made by and for the youth, multimedia designed and with games. We predict it will be a success with regard to the spread of naturism among young people. Keep up the good work, Jaime!.
      The highlight this year has been, without a doubt, the organising of the first Western Europe inter-federation meeting ever to be held in Spain and undertaken by the ADN and the AAPNT, (Association of Friends of the Naturist Beach of El Torn), as part of the FEN. All countries invited, but for Ireland and Luxemburg, turned up for the meeting which took place at the Naturist Camp-site El Templo del Sol. Also, all the members of the new Central Committee of the International Association for Naturism, FNI, were present. Some comments indicated this meeting had been the be4st, for as long as they could remember. This success may be why they have already asked us to organise the 2006 World Meeting. Should we dare do it? (that is, whoever will be leading the FEN, then). Inside you will also find information about that meeting.
      That is not all. On June 14, at the regular FEN meeting held at our place, Manel Mondejar was elected president of the FEN. That was the first time that position was filled by voting. I was elected vice-president. That means the coalition AAPNT-ADN, which, by the way, is yielding such good results, will keep on doing so for the good of Spanish organised naturism. However, Manel has decided to give up the presidency this coming February due to his narrow victory. New election will take place then. In the meantime, we will all get down to the task of passing the new statutes in November.
      To finish the month, a very pleasant event indeed: a dozen ADN members attended the annual meeting our friends, the members of the Naturist Association of Aragón, ANAR, held at the Martín-del-Río camp-site, in the province of Teruel. Enjoy a short report about this meeting inside. A thank-you to our friends in Aragón.

       Ismael Rodrigo, President of ADN.