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YEAR 2005
1. Editorial


Spain at the Head of the Naturist Movement in Europe

        Can the above be a pretentious heading or is it really true?
   As far as the law is concerned, it is an undisputable truth. As far as we know, Spain is presently the only country where nudism is one more among the legal rights of its citizens. Other countries have laws that penalise nakedness in unauthorized places.
Some are more tolerant than others, though, as their obsolete laws are not actually carried out as no complaints are ever lodged for lack of social support. Still, some European countries beat us at social tolerance, but not so many as we might be inclined to think.
Some examples: the British have just passed legislation against nudism under the recent “Public Offence Act”, and that, in spite of the frequent ongoing negotiations held by their 27,000 member-strong naturist federation. The French get fined if they leave the well-known area of the beaches in Hendaye. The Italians have not got any public places designed for naturist recreation and must do it in hiding. And so forth.
Those who were on the First Great Nudist Mediterranean Cruise could bear witness, first hand, to these restrictions on the Italian isle of Sardinia and in continental France .
Ismael Rodrigo with Mr. PEC (Javier Solana)

   Indeed, in many a German or Swedish park, and also in other few countries, people can take their clothes off, and yet these same countries keep repressive legislation regarding nudism. Some laws are truly bizarre, such as the Dutch. Thus, you cannot be naked anywhere in sight of a highly frequented park or any public thoroughfare. However, if you move a few metres out of sight, then you can. Therefore, you must be careful not to be seen through the front windows, but you have the upper hand as to the back windows facing the backyard or the open fields, as you can denounce anybody for peeping if he/she is caught watching you. (see report in this same issue)

Why do we, here, in Spain, have the best legislation? Because there is not any. And it stands to reason. Why should there be one to tell us what we should or should not wear? As if the human body should be subject to criminal law.

This issue contains an information triptych on the Spanish law concerning Naturism, which you can cut out, photocopy and spread round if you wish. It can also be downloaded from our Web page: www.naturismo.org/legal.htlm

Let us return to the initial heading. Are we in the forefront regarding anything else which might depend on us, but for spreading the benefits of the law, which we are doing very well indeed? Yes.

At the head in tourist initiatives. Which country has organised the First Great Nudist Mediterranean Cruise? You have guessed it right, Spain. The founder of the ENE, part of the FEN, had the great idea. FEN supported it and, naturally, what has become the first naturist travel agency in Spain handled it. This agency has also become part of the group of agencies to serve the interests of the INF.

At the head in media coverage. Reporters frequently turn up, on demand, at our events and we often make it to first page news or prime time programmes. The Web page of the FEN, as well as those of the member associations, is often visited for information by journalists and it is also first on the listings of Google, the main searcher.

At the head in growth. The INF president writes in his release to the press on the occasion of the 2004 World Congress at Valalta: “The social attitudes in many nations have changed, naked swimming in many places become normal, associations and clubs have seen a reduction in membership”. Well, Spain is precisely one of those countries where nudism is becoming more and more socially acceptable and yet our membership keeps growing. That is reflected in one more vote granted at the INF congress.

At the head in the number of initiatives at the INF. “Naturismo Latino” is a motion we presented in support of our friends at the South-American associations.
The motion to declare the International Naturist Day, (Francisco de Asís, Francesco d’Assisi; see the last magazine).
The organising of events to celebrate our 25th anniversary.
A proposal to upgrade the 2006 Naturist Olympic Games both quantitatively and qualitatively.
Also the motions presented at the last Interfederal in Holland, (see report in this same issue), and several others.

Our country is set to be at the forefront of the naturist movement in Europe and to promote naturist recreation in the South and Central American countries. We undertake this task gladly, not only as it regards the associative aspect but also the promotion of tourism. We keep on working.

The publication you presently have in your hands is the joint product of some FEN associations which in turn distribute it as their own. We expect the following issues to be the outcome of the joint effort of more, if not all, the associations that make up the FEN. That would make the magazine a mirror of the whole Spanish naturist spectrum, (and European and South-American, as well).We are grateful to the AAPNT, ANAPA, ANNA, CCN, ANCC, ANG and all the others which keep joining in for their trust and support.

Ismael Rodrigo
President of the FEN