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25th FEN Aniversary
19. Youth Meeting


International Youth Spring-meeting in England  

    Over the weekend, between the 16th and the 20th of May, 2007, the Youth Spring Meeting took place in England this time. Young people like us were given all kinds of help so that everyone could go regardless of how much money we had. We only needed 50€ for the plane fare and another 50 for bed, board, museums, presents and such. Thanks to the INF and the volunteers for making these prices possible.
    On Tuesday, May the 15th, the Spanish and Austrian parties went to a meeting of the Broadlands Sun Association, a beautiful Naturist resort, near Norwich, just a day before the official get-together. That way, we got to know the centre and its activities before the others. Some members of the English team and the centre staff came to pick us up, even though we had arrived early.

On Wednesday, the 16th at 7:00, the Dutch arrived in their bus after having travelled all night,. Just awoken, we were surprised to see squirrels and bunnies scurrying about; then, we all started putting up the tents.

Italian, Portuguese, others, and obviously lots of English, all kept dropping in throughout the day.

We had a traditional English breakfast every morning. Delicious! We had breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 13:00 and dinner at 18:30, (a little early for me), but excellent food, English style .

Thursday was sports day proper. We had a great time at ‘The Swimming Gala’, playing multinational team games and competitions at the swimming pool. There was a football competition followed by another of volley ball in the afternoon.
Some journalists from the newspaper The Guardian covered the event all day. They felt so good there that they stayed on till night.

In the evening we did karaoke and disco. Evening parties among Naturist young people are very similar to any others, we dressed up, the girls put on make up, and so on. When we are hot, instead of blowing under our our shirts, we take them off regardless of whether we are a boy or a girl.

On Friday we went on a field trip. The Dutch lent us their bus, which made things easier. The driver consented to play Dutch music and they started singing as they knew the lyrics by heart. They seemed to be very funny songs, but when they translated them we thought they were brutal: “I am going to make you cry, and blood will burst out of your eyes…”

The English group had organised a guided tour of the old monuments in Norwich. Later in the afternoon we went out shopping in small groups.

When we returned, we had board games, ping-pong and billiard at the campsite. Late in the evening a rock band played and sang for us. We could not believe it was such a good band just for us. Probably it was that each of us generously provide our best skills to the Naturist community.

On Saturday, There were so many events that we could not possibly attend all of them. Those who like handicrafts were busy decorating the Festivity Hall in a Hawaiian style and making costumes. There was also a workshop for acting, another for DJ, belly-dancing, and even games with inflatable pool toys in the swimming pool.

Did you miss it? Do not worry; there are a lot of Naturist meetings for the young. Go and sign for the Naturist Youth State Group: jovenes@naturismo.org

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Press: "A stitch in time" in "The Guardian"

Translated by Alberto González Iglesias