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25th FEN Aniversary
3. Camp in Almanat



World Camp of Naturist Youth in Almanat, (Málaga, Spain), during the months of July and August 2006
Jóvenes por el Naturismo, (JPN), participated in the World Campo

Jóvenes Por el Naturismo, (JPN), the name in Spanish for the portugues group Youth For Naturism, participated in the World Camp of Naturist Youth in Almanat, (Málaga, Spain), during the months of July and August 2006.
Cedric, vocal de jóvenes de la FEN, presenta el reportaje emitido en TV1 "España directo" sobre el propio Campamento de Verano en la sala de cine de Almanat

We headed straight for the reception as soon as we arrived at the campsite. It looked like any other so we started having doubts till somebody came in wearing just his shoes. We were at the right place!

For AlexMol, who had never been in such a crowded naturist place, the atmosphere was astoundingly new. It is relaxingly informal; people walk unconcernedly and the children play about happily. The beach is full and nobody is in swimming gear! There is little sand and plenty of stones, though; what a pity!

At the restaurant by the beach, we saw several notices in different languages: “Nudist Area. Clothes Forbidden. Food or drinks will not be served unless naked.” Then we saw a surreal scene: the restaurant was full of naked people but the employees were dressed. At the beach, everybody was naked but for a Moroccan who was selling women’s clothes and even wrap-around scarves. It seems this was no exception to other non-nudist coastal areas round the South of Spain.

Breakfast and dinner are self-service. Anybody can open the fridge or go through the kitchen and get whatever he or she wishes. For supper a rotating team cooks and washes up.

After supper we talked to other participants, Austrian, German, Canadian, British and, of course, also Spanish, from the host country. That way we got to learn about Naturism in other countries.

Archery was the activity scheduled for the morning. The staff at the campsite is young and a rather large number of children were having a good time in the recreational area. Each participant was allowed three arrows. As we waited for our turn we killed time kicking a ball and playing Frisbee. The atmosphere was quite healthy, children and youngsters, of both sexes, exercising in the open air. When it was our turn we did not do so badly; at least one hit the target.

We were able to show some naturist videos, even one with Pedro in it from the Portuguese TV.

We got to know one another. Like at any youth summer camp there are always people you get along with, and new lasting friendships are made.

The FEN, together with the Granada county government, provided a bus and a free sightseeing trip to Granada. It also involved a few hour visit to a water reservoir which was being promoted by the Town Hall for Naturism. We also had the opportunity to see a national TV-1 report about the camp on location a few days later. The Andalusian regional TV also came, and several newspapers published long reports on the event. On yet another occasion we paid a visit to the well known Cuevas de Nerja.
A night camp-fire party at the beach was our last celebration. We moved a bit away from the actual camp, so as not to disturb; some took their clothes with them but AlexMol went in the nude. We took towels, drinks, light, music, etc. and our English friend performed a fire act for us.

A good time camping, no doubt! We look forward to seeing you again in Great Britain and Sweden.

Joves Pelo Naturismo.
Translated by Alberto González Iglesias

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Vocal Jóvenes de Portugal Party on the beach
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