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25th FEN Aniversary
4. World Congress


A Spanish View on the Outcome of the INF Congress
  • We have just celebrated our 25th Anniversary in the best way we thought fit, sharing it with all the naturist federations in the world. The relentless confidence and know-how our movement has achieved and the work carried out at our centres and FEN associations are now well known by all. Our country was the meeting point for World Naturism and, therefore, we have been and continue to be in the centre of it all through 2006.
  • The Spanish government was very involved both physically, through the presence of its representatives, and financially. TURESPAÑA provided three buses to and from Portús. Jointly, with local and regional authorities, it also arranged for a boat trip and a bus tour. Turespaña held a formal dinner at the hotel Alfonso Xlll in Cartagena for convention participants and their companions, 150 guests in all. Turespaña Sub-Director, Mr. José Manuel de Juan, addressed the convention, conveying the involvement of his agency in our claims and demands. Whereas other world conventions have been honoured by the presence of government representatives at their opening ceremonies, this was the first time it meant real involvement in the convention. It shows the concern of the Administration to promote Naturist Tourism in our country thanks to the preliminary work done at the FEN (see report about our first meeting with the Secretary for Tourism at this link).
  • Radio stations and TV reported about the Convention widely and in depth (see VCs from Spanish Public Television (TV1), and the private TV5 at this link). Only a sample from the newspapers, see the clip from LA VERDAD, (from Murcia, Spain), at this link.
  • The FEN ex-Secretary, was elected to a post at the INF board, the first Spaniard ever. He will be in charge of the Development Fund, in collaboration with Foreign Relations, in order to prepare the next 2008 Brazil Congress. He will also keep active in developing Naturism in South America, a project he has been working on for some time and has earned him a deserved reputation for his present position in the INF. (See the link).
  • It was certainly unusual for the Federation to ask us, the host member, to choose the core subject for the Congress. Our president, Ismael Rodrigo, addressed the Congress not only at the start but also after the traditional reports of the Vice-President. In this way, our federation was able to lay out our vision of Naturism in the world and the changes we propose, in depth. The congress representatives got to work on discussing these proposals for the rest of the afternoon following Ismael’s presentation (see the speech in full at this link).
  • The Portuguese federation and the FEN worked hard together to promote Brazil as a candidate for 2008. Italy, which was also a candidate, was supported by two of the strongest INF members, Holland and Germany, but it did not win. The future Argentine Federation was also represented at the Congress at every session. We are confident now that 2008 will be the South American year for Naturism.
  • The geographically closest associations, Osiris and Costa Cálida took upon themselves the task of welcoming our guests at the airports right from the beginning of their visits. A numerous group of ADN, CCN, AAPNT, ANAPA, Osiris and Camp de Morvedre members certainly made themselves noticed by joyfully joining in the activities and by showing that the Spanish Naturist does not hide his/her body at parties, either! All members of the different FEN associations have contributed with an additional Euro to make not only this Congress possible but other gatherings, such as the Interfederal at Vera Natura, the Summer Youth Camp in Almanat and the Swimming Gala in Gijón in November.
  We wish to express our gratefulness to our former INF Vice-President, Charles Obergfell, who declined to be a candidate for another 4 year-term as there was yet another candidate for the same post, George Volak. Charles was proposed 'INF Honorary President' by the Central Committee and ratified by the Assembly with a unanimous long round of applause. Our federation respectfully says good bye to him by printing his last address here entitled "A worldwide friendship chain – common points in naturism", while he still was Vice-President

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Illustrated Features
The videos from the reports shown on TV about the INF Congress and other FEN activities on this 25th FEN Anniversary can be seen at this address.
All of the above and any others which members and collaborators may contribute will be compiled in a future DVD at the end of the Swimming Gala in Gijón. (The reports will be incorporated in the order in which they come in.)
The crowded hall. Only a representative for each country sits at the table
A quick bite. An open-air restaurant and the sea in the background The Spanish team on stage on closure day. It did liven up the party
Translated by Alberto González Iglesias


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