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Cadena Ser. por Andrew Trevor


Antena 3, por Manuel Costa





25th FEN Aniversary
5. Swimming Gala Gijón



podium femenino de españolas, por  Andrew Trevor


Podium, por Manuel Costa
Pictures by Andrew Trevor & Manuel Costa. Videos by Antena3 & TV5

Participantes en la Gala, por Andrew Trevor

FNI/INF has placed its trust in only one country, Spain, to hold every event, but for ‘petanca’, for the first time since its founding 52 years ago. Now that the Swimming Gala, the last of these events, is over, we can proudly declare that this confidence placed in us has been ratified and strengthened. Our country has been the centre of world Naturism the same year we, at the FEN, have been commemorating our own 25th anniversary.

Equipo español femenino, Andrew Trevor
Equipo español masculino, Andrew Trevor
  Our female team Our male team

The Swimming Gala has more than fulfilled our expectations:
1.- Throughout 2006 there has been an increase in the number of new ANAPA, (the organising federation), members as a result of the publicity in the local and regional mass media. Many of these new members have been very actively involved, professionally, in the promotion of Naturism. Some examples:

a) With the help of a computer professional who is one of these new members, ANAPA has developed software to run the Gala. He will also be in charge of ANAPA’s WEB.
b) A cinema director and a new member has been shooting a documentary on the event to be passed out among the different associations and federations, and also sponsors.
c) The owners of two rural houses have joined to dedicate both to Naturism. One will be a hostel, the other the future ANAPA central offices.
d) A photographer member designed the promotional poster and took pictures of the event.

Salto, por Andrew Trevor

2.- Involvement and institutional cooperation were not just key conditions for making this event possible but also for any other eventual undertakings. A solid basis has been laid for both the spread of Naturist recreation and for short and long term Naturist tourism. Gijón City Hall, one of the signatories of the FEN agreement, was most involved, providing a place for press releases, awarding medals, and promoting the event at all levels. We also received support from the sports foundation, which provided € 1400; Info-Asturias (the equivalent organisation of Turespaña insofar as foreign promotion goes); the council for Culture, Social Communication and Tourism of the autonomous Asturias Government and from Gijó (a Society for Tourism), whose director met the FEN president at the start and addressed those present at the Gala dinner. This society, which acts for Turespaña in Asturias, also provided € 9375 for the event. All of them have given the institutional support we wished for.
A councilman from Carreño Town Hall (a town near Gijón) has got in touch with ANAPA to study the possibility of having a Naturist Week in 2007, exhibiting films, photographs and paintings, holding the 1st International Beach Volleyball Championship and other Naturist events.

Salto, por Manuel Costa

3.- The INF/FNI financial support has been the highest by far. It allowed us to have very popular low prices for the participants at a four star hotel (€ 80), where they were extremely well catered to. The support obtained from the INF had been the outcome of several meetings, especially at the last Interfederal. As proof of the satisfactory outcome of the stay for both parties, the hotel management has offered its Spa premises to ANAPA at a 50% discount price; that is, € 12 for the basic circuit and discounts for additional services. The first session started on Sunday, the 26th of November, from 18:00 to 22:00, and, at present, the service has been extended to two sessions per month due to its success.

Equipo inglés, por Andrew Trevor

4.- Check links at this address for the numerous reports published in the mass media during the time the Gala lasted:
Most of them are local and regional media, which is what we were after in order to maximize the returns to the organising association. There you can also find reports by the national radio network SER, (audio links), in the sports programme “El Larguero”, and two television news reports (on Antena 3 and Tele 5). The Gala has also found its niche on other federations’ web pages such as British Naturism,
( ), where you can also find links to Spanish newspapers. The French magazine, “La vie au Soleil” (a best seller at the French Naturist holiday resorts since 1949) interviewed José Manuel on the telephone for its next issue; see at:

5.- The high participation of Spanish Naturists and the number of medals obtained by them, (24), in spite of tough competitive standards, stand out on their own merits. What this Gala has meant for Spanish Naturism will be seen in the number of Spaniards taking part in future Galas, like the one to take place in Paris, (or Bordeaux), in the year 2007.

Equipo español, por  Andrew Trevor

Many are the compliments and congratulations being sent via E-mail these days. The support for and encouragement to the Spanish team was relentless, even when all the other competitors had reached the finish line.
We want to extend our thanks to the AND, ANAPA, CCN, and ANCC teams and to exhort them to foster the global Naturist spirit which we experienced and contaminated others with during those marvellous days. We are also grateful to Gijón and for the beautiful sunny days at the beach, especially on Sunday, for all of us sun lovers.

  Videos from 2 national TVs (in Spanish)  
    Gala Mundial de Natación Gijón 2006.  Telediario 2ª edición Tele5, 4-XI-2006 Gala Mundial de Natación Gijón 2006. Telediario Antena 3, 4-XI-2006    
  Swimming Gala Gijón 2006
Telediario Tele5, 4-XI-2006
Swimming Gala Gijón 2006
Telediario Antena 3, 4-XI-2006

In September it will be included a documentary on the event in this page.

The FEN executive committee.
Translated by Alberto González Iglesias

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