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25th FEN Aniversary
6. Portugal, 30 Years


Laurino y María, en los extremos, con Ismael y Suka tras la entrega de un plato conmemorativo


The swimming sessions take place from 5 to 7 pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month
between October and May at the Batista Pereira swimming-pool, Avenida de Ceuta (norte), Rua Quinta do Loureiro, Lisbon.

A health spa session, with pool, exercise
machines, sauna, etc., is held from 6.15 to 8.15 pm on the fourth Saturday of each month at the
spa/health club in Hotel Villa Rica, 301–318, Avenida 5 de Outubro, Lisbon.
Attendance at either of these events is available to FEN/INF cardholders by contacting the FPN in
The local contact for any information or to arrange a visit is: +351 964596641. This is the number of
Laurindo Correia – FPN President – who, together with his wife Maria, speaks excellent Spanish & English

Naturism in Portugal, 30 years later  
   30 years have passed since the Portuguese Naturist Federation was founded. It was initiated on the first of March 1977 by a small group of nudists, who had been enjoying the Meco and Bela Vista beaches, (south of Lisbon), for some time. Many obstacles had to be overcome to establish our present Naturist Movement.
3 years after the return of political and social Democracy to Portugal, which took place on the 25th of April 1974, there was an opportunity for naturists to organise themselves in order to make clandestine nudism in Portugal legal.
In spite of a freer political atmosphere, it was not easy to be recognised as a group that stood for cultural, political and social values, of which nudist recreation is their most controversial expression.
Many difficult legal battles had to be fought and many barriers had to be pulled down, but the will remained alive and persistent

In the last five years important goals have been achieved and the basis for a stronger and more significant movement has been set up, so that a dignifying life style inspired in the traditional values of naturism can be carried out.
Two new naturist camps have come to life in Portugal – Quinta das Oliveiras and Monte Naturista “O Barão” - and two new guest-houses –“Quinta da Vista” and “Naturest”-. The Portuguese Naturist Federation (PNF/FNP) managed to have two beaches, in Alentejo and Algarve, legalised – Praia do Salto to the south of Sines and Adegas to the north of Aljezur.

The Portuguese Naturist Federation reached an agreement with a SPA/Health Club at a hotel in Lisbon where, once a month and for two hours, naturists can enjoy these facilities: Sauna, Gymnasium, Turkish Bath, Swimming Pool and, briefly, Jacuzzi.
Finally, last 24th of March, the PNF opened its headquarters in Lisbon. It has been conceived not only as administrative place attended by a secretary but also as a convivial space to get together, provided with naturist magazines, video material and the Movement’s historical archive.
The anniversary was happily celebrated and attended by more than seventy members. It began with a meal followed by cake and some Port wine to honour the opening of our new headquarters. Then, there were speeches by some of the founders, old board members, representatives of some federations and also by the president of the Spanish Naturist Federation, (SNF/FEN), Ismael Rodrigo.
On this occasion, the president of the PNF, Laurindo Correia, said:
  Laurindo Correia

“Our naturist revolution” is not like a coup d’état or the 25th of April Revolution. The success of our revolution will essentially follow up from our maturity as Naturists, spreading the message and getting involved in its defence. Only our testimony, day after day, will change the dominant habits and mentality. On the one hand, the Manichaean concept of good and bad, as defined in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and on the other, the exploitation of nudity for commercial purposes, which, in pornography, often reaches extremes of indignity towards the human body, particularly that of women, are one and the same thing.
On the contrary, Naturism means to assert the harmony and welfare which can be achieved following the whole acceptance of the complete body without exceptions. Exceptions, such as the refusal by some to accept some of its parts, particularly those which appear as visible signs of our sexuality, are taken by us as a natural manifestation, without any trace of voyeurism or exhibitionism.
That is our position, a natural one, which some condemn to secret practice, based on subjective moral principles, and some others to explore it to the edge of indignity. Both oppose us because they know that when the day “our revolution” comes true and nudity is seen with familiarity, their postulates will lose social support and their stalwarts vanish.
Our search for the harmony of a healthy body in a healthy mind, as we say, contrasts with the “pseudo moral chastity” of some or the out-of-focus and twisted curiosity, turned so often by anxiety into an obsession, of others.
Naturism is a Philosophy of Life which reveals itself present in many circumstances which affect our wellbeing. However, we understand that the Naturism can only be fully expressed as the voluntary practice of nudity. Only a set of healthy habits, practised in full nudity, will give meaning to the harmony between body and soul, between the physical and the psychological worlds, which is what we defend.
Our nudity, free and collective natural nudity, heightens our human condition and contributes to a better relationship with and understanding of the environment, and Nature as a whole, thus becoming the basic tenet of our Naturist Movement.
Throughout our history, we have seen how many Naturist principles and attitudes have proved right and have been naturally accepted by society. However, nudity is, unfortunately, still controversial and a source of doubts and constraints, if not a taboo anymore. That is why we must keep on Dignifying Nudity, considering it not just as part of our freedoms, but as an inalienable right which is inherent to the human condition, for we are not born with our clothes on.”

Later, the participants headed for the Hotel Villa Rica, where they had a Naturist session of sauna, gymnasium, swimming pool, and Turkish bath at the hotel’s SPA/Health Club.
Also on that day, the Portuguese Naturist Federation put up its new WEB page www.fpn.pt ,which shows our new look.

Laurindo Correia, 2007.
Translated by Alberto González Iglesias

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