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From N, Nude & Natural,
Volume 22, Issue 3, spring 2003, p. 7
Published by “The Naturist Society”
N, Naturist Society

Spain: Peril and Promise

WHEN THE OIL TANKER Prestige sank off the coast of Portugal in early December, the resulting oil slicks that reached the Northwest coast of Spain also hit some beaches that are used by naturist. But Ismael Rodrigo, president of Madrid’s Association for Naturist Development (Asociación para el desarrollo naturista, or ADN), told N he is confident that the extensive work by various European countries will contain the oil and make the beaches ready for use again by summer.
At the same time, Rodrigo told N that naturists of Madrid successfully mounted a campaign to promote the legality of nude use of beaches in Spain. The campaign was kicked off with some naturists appearing nude at Madrid’s Puerta de Alacalá. The two hour display of public nudity had the OK of the city’s mayor.
The ADN campaign included the development of a Web site, an online means of contacting the mayor to request time for nude swimming hours at public pool, and coordinated effort at working with the media.
Rodrigo happily reports that the mayor agreed to the proposal, and the inaugural nude swim was held at a public pool in Madrid in October.

MAKING A POIN IN MADRID, Spanish naturists pose before a local swimming pool. A Madrid naturist group last year launched a campaign with a nudism-is-legal theme.